Heartspitality is still work in progress

Heartspitality is a new Tourism trend that is all about feeling the pulse of a destination and getting to the heart of a place.

Because you also share this mindset, but have no idea where to be inspired for your next quest, who to approach or what to do, Heartspitality aims to be your starting point.

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The first trial was "Does the Big Apple have a big heart?"


During the last decade, the buzzword relating to tourism and experiences was “authentic”, overflowing to concepts like Couchsurfing, on the younger and cheaper side, and house-swapping clubs, on the more sophisticated side.

This trend sparked the search for African huts, Berber villages, wildlife tours, Cambodian temples, etc. Backstages have now become front stages.

But the concept of what is “the real thing” changes from tourist to tourist. And people now look for more genuine experiences when traveling, getting to know the vibe of a destination without facing only the neatly choreographed experiences, having a grasp of a place not stripped of its true meaning.

For this, and also for the locals interested on promoting their home place in an uncommon way, a new trend is building: Heartspitality.

The first trial was “Does the Big Apple have a big heart?”, where I got a more intimate view of New York City. Check the blog for more information on this pioneer project.

This blog is still Work in Progress.

Check out the pioneer Heartspitality experience at


Everyone is willing to wear the t-shirt with the “I love NY” brand, so let’s look at this from the other side: is New York willing to love us back?

Are the ambassadors of this brand willing to embrace such an emotional approach and “give back” in order to contribute to the city’s awareness and good reputation, and more, to the goal of enticing 50 million tourists annually by 2015?

It’s time to take the pulse of NYC and show the world the Big Apple’s big heart.